Jordan: ‘In My Prime, No Contest' Against Kobe

Filed under: , , , Via You Been Blinded, we have some slightly uncomfortable video from a recent camp Michael Jordan put on. During a Q&A with a bunch of kids, some enterprising mini-baller asks MJ if Kobe could beat him. Here's MJ's answer.

The immediate thought is that he's going for a reaction with the 'no contest' comment. But then he justifies it by explaining how Kobe couldn't stop him. He's dead serious. (And probably right.)

The rest of the 5-minute clip strikes me as really weird -- hundreds of pre-teens sitting Indian-style, watching a 45-year-old casually drain jumpers in an array of workout ensembles. Yeah, if I were 12 again, I'd be as rapt with attention as those kids. And I would have wet myself see those two dunks near the end of the video up close and personal.

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