Figuring Out The Rules of NBA Rookie Hazing

Rookie hazing is as much a part of the NBA fabric as tattoos and the Cheesecake Factory. However, I am having trouble figuring out the rule on how long the hazing has to last.

This pre-season I saw some Rockets vets tell their second year teammates that they were rookies through the pre-season and that the hazing wasn't ending until tip off of the regular season. Then I read this Sam Amick report on second year player Spencer Hawes' in-house classification and became even more confused:

Veteran center Brad Miller has said Hawes must continue with the many humbling rookie rituals until he's logged 82 career regular-season games, the number in one full campaign (he's at 72). But veteran guard Bobby Jackson told Hawes he's free and clear after the first official tipoff of his second season.

Considering Jackson is the elder of the two, Hawes was asked if he should tell Miller that Jackson's ruling stands.

"That's a heck of an idea," Hawes said with a smile.

So Hawes has already officially made it through to the start of his second year, but yet he still has to go through rookie hazing rituals? That doesn't seem fair to me. Seems more like Brad Miller is trying to get his jabs in on a guy that will likely take his starting spot this season.

Anyhow, I wonder what Miller's reaction will be when Hawes tries to approach him with the "But Bobby said I'm no longer a rookie" excuse. Headlock and a nuggie, no doubt.

To mount his case with Miller, Hawes might want to consult Derrick Rose's experience with the Bulls for additional evidence. Rose is obviously still a rookie, but yet the Bulls haven't really started hazing him yet.

But before the Bulls embarked on their first regular-season road trip Thursday, point guard Derrick Rose admitted that his teammates really haven't asked him to do anything yet.

''We can't throw too much at him because he's starting right now and playing a big role,'' forward Drew Gooden said. ''With some of those bottom-of-the-barrel rookies, you can kind of take more advantage of them.

This can't make Hawes feel too good. He's a second year player that is starting, yet he has to still be Brad Miller's bucket boy, while Rose is an actual rookie and hasn't seen one drop of haze. Enough is enough! Fight for your rights, Spencer!

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