Devin Hester's Status Up in the Air

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The Bears, a team limited when it comes to explosive weaponry, may be without their most electric player this weekend. Or they may not. We don't know. The reason for this is that Lovie Smith is keeping things secretive for now when it comes to the status of Devin Hester.

"We just know that he didn't finish the football game. We'll see if he'll be available this week. I'm hoping he will be."

Me too, Lovie. The thing about Hester is that he's such a unique advantage. He gains the Bears incredible field position more often than not, because teams are forced to pay attention to him. Take the team's first touchdown of the season, a 50 yard run by Matt Forte. The Bears started that possession from the 46 because the Colts were scared to kick to Hester. You could even argue that blocked punt for a field goal was made this past weekend because the Panthers neglected their blocking duties in lieu of getting a quick jump into coverage.

So, yeah, it's imporant. According to the Tribune article, Hester will undergo an MRI on his injured rib-cage once the internal bleeding slows or stops. Hopefully there will be more news by the end of the week.

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