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Baseball is America's pastime, but had our forefathers enjoyed the modern conveniences of clocks, ball pumps, or haste, this pastime may well have been basketball or football. Instead, they had wood, leather, and a rudderless disposition. Baseball is Boring is a series of live blogs for folks who need irony and self-awareness to get through a game.

Those poor Detroit Tigers. Look, things are bad enough when people are predicting your going to go 162-0 in a season, and you end up finishing in last place behind the Kansas City Royals. Let's face it, the Tigers have been counting down the days until the season's end for a few months now. That was supposed to be yesterday, but just when they thought they were out, MLB goes and pulls them back in again.

Today they take on the Chicago White Sox in a makeup game that will prove to be a pretty important game in the scheme of things. With a win today, the Tigers will pull into a fourth place tie with the Kansas City Royals in the AL Central. If they lose, they are the sole proprietors of last place.

An entire season comes down to one game in Chicago on a rainy afternoon, and it's all after the jump.


The White Sox start Gavin Floyd (16-8 3.91)
The Tigers start Freddy Garcia (1-1 4.50)

I know we already went over how important this game is for the Tigers, it does hold some importance for the Chicago White Sox as well. Apparently if they win this game, they have to play the Minnesota Twins on Tuesday as well, and the winner of that game gets to go to the playoffs.

I had no idea!

As for what's going to happen, well, Freddy Garcia and Ozzie Guillen are family. They've both admitted to texting each other quite a bit the last few days, and I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of those texts are Ozzie telling Freddy to hang some curveballs.

While the Tigers do have some motivation to win this game, they don't have as much on the line as the Sox, and I think that will be the difference in this game.

White Sox win, I don't care what the score is.

From here forth, my banal and worthless (and completely biased towards the White Sox) commentary can be read in the box below. It updates much like a one-way instant messenger conversation does, which means you do not need to keep refreshing the page. Feel free to comment in the box at the bottom -- if your sentiment is funny or poorly-informed enough, I may just post it in the blog. Enjoy!

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