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Chris Stapleton Tears, Ben Affleck Dunkin', Rihanna Announcement: Relive Top Super Bowl Moments

If you weren't watching closely, you might have missed some of the best moments both on and off the field

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As expected, the top moments from Sunday's Super Bowl happened both on and off the field, with a Rihanna halftime surprise, Chris Stapleton's emotional National Anthem, Ben Affleck's hilarious new job and a number of other headline-grabbing displays.

If you weren't watching closely, you might have missed a lot of them.

Here's a look at some of the top moments from the big game:

Chris Stapleton Leaves Stadium in Tears

Chris Stapleton opened up the 2023 Super Bowl with the national anthem, inspiring tears both at the stadium in Glendale, Arizona, and at home.

As Stapleton sang with his signature rumbly voice, Nick Sirianni, head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, was seen with tears in his eyes, as were other players like Jason Kelce.

Online, people took note of how many people seemed to be crying during the performance before the big game.

Damar Hamlin Makes Super Bowl Appearance

Damar Hamlin stepped back onto the football field on Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills safety made an appearance at the Super Bowl prior to the start of the matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles at State Farm Stadium in Phoenix.

Rihanna is Pregnant With Baby Number 2, Rep Confirms After Dazzling Halftime Show

Rihanna wowed fans with her epic Super Bowl show -- and sent the internet into a frenzy of speculation over what many people thought was clearly a baby bump that she rubbed at the opening of the show on a platform high aloft over the field.

Turns out, they were right.

A rep for Rihanna confirmed to NBC News that the 34-year-old is pregnant, expecting her second child.

See Photos From Rihanna's Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show

Ben Affleck's Dunkin' Super Bowl Commercial

Dunkin's highly-anticipated ad starring Ben Affleck was a massive hit on Sunday.

"Ben Affleck has always been a member of the Dunkin’ family, but tonight we made it official during the big game," Dunkin' said in a press release posted to its website. "We wanted to recognize the love our guests have for Dunkin’ by making our #1 fan's dream come true by working behind the counter and treating his fellow patrons."

In the ad, Affleck -- with his notoriously thick Boston accent -- is seen donning a Dunkin' uniform and working the drive-through of a Dunkin' restaurant in Medford, Massachusetts.

As guests place their orders, Affleck announces one of the chain's latest offers to hit the menu – the Dunkin’ Run, where guests can get a $1 classic donut with any medium or larger coffee.

While working his “shift,” Affleck is surprised to see his wife, Jennifer Lopez, show up at the drive-through window -- and she's equally shocked to see her husband taking donut orders.

Watch the full ad here.

Jason Kelce Enjoys Snack While Brother Travis Kelce Scores Touchdown

Jason Kelce of the Philadelphia Eagles did what most people do early in the Super Bowl: have a snack.

There are, of course, a few differences.

Most people are sitting on the couch. Kelce was sitting on the sideline. Most snack on chips, wings or pigs in a blanket. Kelce was eating a protein bar. Most watch the game with family. Kelce was watching a member of his score a touchdown for the opposing team.

Bradley Cooper's Mom Steals the Spotlight

He may not have learned to memorize lines from her, but Bradley Cooper clearly got his charm from his mom.

During Sunday's Super Bowl 57, T-Mobile debuted a new ad featuring the mother-and-son duo, with Gloria Campano hilariously flubbing her lines and poking fun at her movie star son.

Watch the full ad here.

Questionable Late Flag Takes Drama Out of Super Bowl Ending

A questionable late penalty on Philadelphia Eagles cornerback James Bradberry with less than two minutes remaining meant that a scintillating Super Bowl 57 had a bit of an underwhelming finish.

Kansas City won its second Super Bowl in four years by beating the Eagles 38-35 on Sunday in Glendale, Arizona. It was an exciting back-and-forth game that saw the Chiefs claw back from a 10-point halftime deficit.

One of the few gripes for football fans — particularly Eagles fans — was the anti-climatic ending.

Illinois Dog Honored in WeatherTech's Super Bowl Tribute

A beloved golden retriever who became widely known after his first appearance in a Super Bowl ad in 2020 was honored once again in Sunday's commercial lineup.

Scout was featured in a Super Bowl ad in 2020 to highlight the work of the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Care after being treated for cancer. Scout has since passed away but WeatherTech honored the beloved pup in its 2023 commercial, paying tribute to its one-time mascot who has been a staple in many of its commercials.

The company’s founder and CEO, David MacNeil, was part of Scout’s family.

Watch it here.

See How A$AP Rocky Was Rihanna's Biggest Cheerleader at the 2023 Super Bowl Show

A$AP Rocky's love for Rihanna was shining bright like a diamond on Super Bowl Sunday.

The rapper showed his support for Rihanna's halftime show at the 2023 Super Bowl, which featured her hits such as "Pour It Up" and "Diamonds," by attending the big game to watch her take the stage. As seen in a clip shared by the NFL on Twitter, A$AP had a smile from ear to ear while recording Rihanna's performance with his phone and cheering her on.

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