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Ricketts Reveals What Sosa Needs To Do To Be Welcomed Back by Cubs

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It’s been many years since Sammy Sosa has had any connection with the Chicago Cubs, but it doesn’t appear that he is any closer to being welcomed back by the organization.

During a panel at the annual Cubs Convention, team owner Tom Ricketts says that Sosa would be welcomed back to the team if he admits to past wrongdoings while he was playing for the team.

“Players from that era owe us a little bit of honesty,” Ricketts said. “The only way to turn that page is to put everything on the table.”

Sosa is arguably the greatest slugger in team history, hitting 545 home runs and helping lead the team to multiple playoff appearances during his tenure. He has found himself under a cloud of suspicion about alleged steroid use, but he never officially tested positive for banned substances.

Those suspicions of steroid use have dogged Sosa in Hall of Fame voting too, as he routinely has gotten enough votes to stay on the ballot but has never come close to making it into that prestigious club despite hitting 609 career home runs.

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