Can Rexy Handle the Pressure?

Today seems like a perfect game for Rex Grossman to come in and start. The Bears are facing the undefeated Titans at home. He will -- hopefully -- have the home crowd behind him. The Titans are expected to win, so Rexy doesn't have much to lose. It seems like he would be able to come out, cut loose and play well. Right?

Here is the problem. Everyone in the world is calling this game a classic trap game for the Titans.The Bears are only a three-point underdog. If Tennessee takes the game lightly at all, the Bears will take advantage and end the Titans' unbeaten streak. If Rex has read any of this press that hints that the Bears can win, we're in trouble.

When expectations are high, Grossman's performance is often low. The Super Bowl game is proof enough, where he fumbled twice and threw and interception. In the last regular game against that season, on New Year's Eve against Green Bay, Grossman had one of his worst games ever. The Bears were expected to finish the season strong against their archrivals, but instead he threw three interceptions and completed just two passes. (That's right -- he completed more passes to the Packers than he did to the Bears.) To start off the 2007 season, in which the Bears were expected to repeat their run to the Super Bowl, he coughed up the ball twice, with a fumble and an interception, in 14-3 loss to San Diego.

It's not that Grossman is definitely doomed. Chicagoans seem to remember the bad games more than the good games, but the good games did happen. Let's just hope that today, Grossman doesn't think he has high expectations. Then, he should come through swimmingly.

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