Bulls, Bibles and Bots — Oh My

Upside-down head exposes a different image

The use and effectiveness of subliminal messages have long been debated by conspiracy theorists, who are constantly on the lookout for real or imagined threats to the subconscious.

It appears they can now add the Chicago Bulls to their list of offenders.

Supposedly, if you turn the Bulls' logo upside down, it resembles a robot sitting on a bench, reading the Bible. The Bull's nostrils are the robot's downward-looking eyes, its thick eyebrows form the open pages of a large book, and the horns look like a park bench.

Mind you, there is nothing about the shape of the book that implies that it is Holy Scripture, but for whatever reason, when many people see a big book, they think of the Bible.

The interesting logo interpretation was the talk of the town in the blogosphere last week, and several mainstream media outlets picked it up yesterday.

So just what's the point of all this? What important message could the Bulls possibly be sending to our subconsciouses?

Perhaps the message is "Why are you looking at this logo upside down anyway?"

Matt Bartosik, editor of Off the Rocks' next issue, suddenly has the urge to buy more robots.

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