Bears Bites: Brandon Marshall “Needs a Muzzle”

Also, is Alshon Jeffery too quiet for his own good?


 In Friday’s edition of Bears Bites, we take a look at the quiet intensity of Chicago Bears WR Alshon Jeffery, which defensive players the Bears should target in the 2014 NFL Draft, and the assertion of one Chicago columnist that Brandon Marshall needs a “muzzle.”

-With so much negativity surrounding the doings at Halas Hall recently, it seems appropriate to start out with a positive story, and Adam Hoge abides. He wrote an interesting piece about the influence both on and off the field by quarterback Josh McCown, and how his value to the Bears cannot be overstated. [670 the Score]

-One of the big reasons the Bears hired GM Phil Emery was because they wanted to bolster their drafting ability, and according to an interview John Mullin conducted with Mel Kiper Jr, one of the areas the Bears will be focusing on in this year’s draft will be on defensive ends. [CSN Chicago]

-We have gotten to the “quiet/not quiet” part of this edition of Bears Bites. We start out with Bears WR Alshon Jeffery, who can be quiet “to a fault” according to this piece. [Daily Herald]

-We also hit Hub Arkush’s column about Brandon Marshall, and how the Bears star wideout needs to be quiet and stop causing so much commotion around Halas Hall. [Chicago Sun-Times]

-There has been a lot of talk in recent days about the Bears needing to figure things out when it comes to either keeping or dumping Jay Cutler, but ESPN columnist Jon Greenberg has an interesting take on the situation:

“So why would you want to get rid of Cutler? Is it Chicago’s uneasy relationship with success? I’d guess it’s the impatience of waiting for Cutler’s career to finally blossom. And now that it has, Cutler is injured.”

The rest of the piece expands on that thesis, that Cutler is simply too good of a fit for the Bears to let go, and that they should try to do everything they can to sign him to a long-term deal. [ESPN Chicago]

-Marc Trestman used an interesting phrase in his press conference on Thursday, saying that the team needed to be vaccinated against the “success flu.” [Chicago Tribune]

-Finally, not everyone is happy with Trestman’s handling of the Bears this season, judging by this post by Jeremy Harris. [The Sports Bank]

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