Two Minnesota children dead, two others injured after SUV hits Amish buggy

The four were siblings from a town northwest of the crash


Two children died and two others were injured after an Amish buggy collided with a car in southern Minnesota Monday morning. 

An SUV traveling southbound on a county road hit the two-wheeled horse-drawn buggy with the four children inside, Fillmore County Sheriff John DeGeorge told NBC Rochester affiliate KTTC. 

The two children killed were 7 and 11 years old. The two injured are 9 and 13 years old. The four were siblings from Stewartville, a town northwest of the crash. 

The two injured children were taken to a local hospital for treatment. 

Officials identified the driver of the SUV as a 35-year-old Minnesota woman. 

According to KTTC, no charges have been filed. 

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