Plane Lands Safely at O'Hare With No Nose Gear

Nobody was injured in the incident.

An airplane was forced to make an emergency landing at O'Hare International Airport after it experienced a mechanical problem Saturday afternoon, causing the nose of the plane to skid on the runway.

The GoJet Airlines flight 3645, operating as United Express, touched the ground without its nose gear in place for the landing. After it landed, the plane sat on the runway with the nose still on the ground.

An operator in the traffic control center was recorded saying, "I see two main gears, the nose gear is not down. I repeat is not down."

The flight originated in Grand Rapids, Mich., and was scheduled to arrive in Chicago at about 3:30 p.m., according to Karen Pride, a spokesperson for the airport.

Despite the missing gear, the plane landed without incident and nobody was injured, Pride said. More than 40 people were on the plane.

"The back end went down smoothly, the front end without the landing gear was metal on cement," passenger Scott Frody said. "The pilot came out, and everybody -- just applause, clapped for him."

Airline officials continue to investigate the cause of the incident.

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