Mission Accomplished: Orange County Defeats LinkedIn

"We Are Orange County" wants, gets legitimacy

AFP/Getty Images

Business professionals behind the Orange Curtain are sick and tired of their LinkedIn accounts being absorbed by LA's shadow.

The business-networking site has long lumped users from Orange County into the catch-all moniker "greater Los Angeles."

Not any more, according to the group "We Are Orange County" headed by Sven Johnston.

Johnston is the Jefferson Davis of the OC secession movement. He's on a mission to have an Orange County affiliation available on LinkedIn.

So far, W.A.O.C. has 3,235 rebels attached to the cause. That's a lot of angry business professionals.

According to the Orange County Register, Johnston says a truce has finally been reached with LinkedIn:

Hi Sven,

Thanks for your message. Regions vary by size and as membership grows we need to consider dividing them to more accurately reflect location. I'm looking into adding Orange County in the next two weeks. Once your region as been updated in production I’ll let you know. Please let me know if you have further questions.

Bill Crane
VP of Engineering

So, OC business-oriented social networkers, rejoice. Your fight was not in vain.

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