'El Chapo' Made Cell His Office: Mexican Reporter

Mexican drug kingpin Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman had been using his cell as an office, both for business and personal use, according to acclaimed Mexican journalist Anabel Hernandez, NBC News reported.

El Chapo received messages from his chief attorney through signs and codes, according to Jose Daniel Aurioles Tabares, one of two guards specifically designated to monitor every move and conversation "El Chapo" made.

"All the appointments 'El Chapo' had in prison were recorded," according to Hernandez who sat down with Telemundo's Cristina Londoño, in Berkeley, California where Hernandez has been living after receiving death threats in Mexico.

Telemundo could not independently confirm the documents Hernandez has in her possession.

Guzman escaped from one of Mexico's most secure prisons last month through a sophisticated mile-long tunnel that opened up in his cell's shower.

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