“Die Hard 5” Is Coming. Yippee-Ky-Yawn.

"How can the same thing happen to the same guy 43 separate times?"

At this point, Officer John McClane is the action movie equivalent of "Murder, She Wrote" heroine Jessica Fletcher - if he's in the area, you get even money that terrorists are within a five mile radius. 

The last "Die Hard" entry - the we've clearly given up titled "Live Free or Die Hard" - did well enough at the box office to stir up the inevitable Part 5 talk, but seeing as most people were left cold by the generic flick, we suspected Bruce Willis may call it a rest.


Word is that a fifth "Die Hard" is very much in the works, and that Willis is very much on board. Director John Moore (who made "Max Payne" - yeah, we didn't bother seeing it either) is set to call action and likely make sure that gun fire covers up all the cursing so they can maintain that PG-13 rating they suddenly thought was important to the franchise four movies in. (Does anyone remember that the original had blood and cursing and was awesome? Nope)

The movie is rumored to be set in Russia, and will feature Willis' McClane getting embroiled in an terrorist plot alongside his son this time - clearly an attempt to plant a seed for a spin-off series a la "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Not that it seems to have worked for them.

All we want to know is: Whither Lucy McClane? Why not spin-off the endlessly crush-worthy and criminally neglected Mary Elizabeth Winstead? People don't even remember that McClane had a son!

Oh well...maybe this'll be the one to end it.

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