Wrigleyville Alcohol Ban During the Playoffs

City officials ask bars to pause business after the 7th inning

Since Prohibition worked out so well with Al Capone, Chicago's considering taking a second run at the arid experiment as the Cubs near the playoffs.

Chicago Cubs fans are undoubtedly some of the most loyal fans in baseball. When the team is victorious, Wrigleyville is full of celebrating bar-hoppers. But now that the Cubs have entered the playoffs, city officials want to make sure that those partiers don’t get out of hand. They are asking businesses in the area to stop serving alcohol after the seventh-inning stretch (just like inside the ballpark). Sales would resume after the game.

The suggested plan would only apply to games in which the team has the opportunity to win a series. Ideally, this would allow fans in the area to sober up for about an hour, making festivities around Wrigley Field safer. However, as can be expected, bar owners don’t like the idea of losing business, and most are unlikely to participate in this voluntary proposal.

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications plans on making a similar proposal to bars and restaurants near U.S. Cellular Field also.

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