Best Places to Take Dance Classes in Chicago

Whether the weather is cooperating or not, summer is here. And though most of us would like to spend the majority of our waking hours outside biking, swimming and playing ball – those things are hard to do when it's pouring out.

If you happen to be one those people who want to remain active and would like to try something new and different, regardless of the weather, you may want to consider dancing.

Maybe you're not quite comfortable showing off your moves in public yet, so you can always begin (or brush up on) your foot work at a number of dance studios in the city:

Latin Rhythms, in Chicago's West Loop, offers an array of dance classes throughout the week. On Saturday, July 18th they will be opening up their doors for $5 Salsa and Bachata classes. Each class is entry level and is 45 minutes long. 

Latin Street Dance offers two locations in the city which also provide private and group lessons for people of all ages and dance levels.

If you'd prefer to dance outdoors, regardless of the temperature, try Chicago SummerDance. These City of Chicago sponsored events offer free dance lessons followed by a couple of hours of music to practice your new moves. The lessons range from Tango to Country Line Dancing to Steppin' to Mambo. The park settings also makes for a nice evenings to bring out a blanket and picnic basket. Families and friends of all sizes and ages can enjoy the music and make wonderful memories while in the midst of many of Chicago's beautiful public parks. 

But maybe you’re the type who would prefer a night out on the town to dance your frustrations away?

Any given day of the week offers the opportunity to show off your salsa moves.

Here are a few places in and around the Chicago area that are sure to be a good time; no matter which night of the week you'd like to dust off your dance shoes:

• Mondays: Patron's Hacienda
• Tuesdays: Alhambra Palace, The Foundry (Aurora)
• Wednesdays: Lalo's Mexican Restaurant in University Village
• Thursdays: Sound Bar, Patron's Hacienda, Esteban's Dining and Dancing (Naperville)
• Fridays: Dylan's Tavern and Grill, Congas, The Foundry (Aurora)
• Saturdays: Dylan's Tavern and Grill, Congas
• Sundays: The Cubby Bear

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