Vigil Held For Slain Toddler

The family of a toddler found dead in a Lansing home Wednesday held a vigil in her honor in Friday.

Authorities say 2-year-old Jakarriah Patterson died from blunt-force injuries and her death has been labeled a homicide, but no arrests have been made in the case.

Dozens gathered at an Evanston community Friday to celebrate the young girl's life.

"It's just horrible out here right now, it's terrible," Jakarriah's grandmother, Carmelita Patterson said. "What can you say, I mean kids are innocent, they're so innocent. She was a loving, caring fun ... I just loved her."

The victim's mother, Karla Patterson, is having a tough time coping since losing her daughter.

"It just don't seem real to me ... don't seem real. It just feels like it's a dream," she said. " I can't see nothing, all i see is her."

Family members say Jakarriah was extremely close to her big brother, and they're worried about how he's going to handle the loss of his sister.

"He's going to take it really hard because they were so close," Carmelita Patterson said.

Jakarriah was staying with her father in Lansing when she was found dead. Police say they are still investigating the case.

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