Video Shows Food Delivery Man Removing Bikes from Condo Building

Security cameras recorded a food delivery person removing bicycles from the garage of a near north side condominium building in September, and it's prompting some changes on how the building's residents handle deliveries. 

Security cameras recorded a DoorDash delivery person removing bicycles from the garage of a near north side condominium building on September 19. Video also shows the delivery person had assistance from two other men who were outside.

“This was not an ad hoc crime of convenience,” said a tenant who asked not to be identified.

Video shows the DoorDasher getting buzzed in to the building to deliver food. Minutes after dropping off the customer’s dinner, he is seen on video checking doors and entering the garage. He then walks out of camera frame.

The delivery person entered a stairwell and stayed there for more than twenty minutes before he entered the garage a second time. That’s when he moved several bicycles to the back door. A second man, who was outside, walked to the door, hopped on a bike and rode it away. Moments later, the delivery man left the building with two bikes.

The tenant said four bikes were stolen in all. One of the bicycles was later found listed for sale online.

“They knew what to look for and they knew how to then take the next step to actually take away the goods and make money from them,” the tenant said.

The tenants notified the Chicago Police Department. A CPD spokesperson said detectives have identified a person of interest and are continuing to review video evidence and other leads related to the case. No arrests have been made.

A spokesperson for DoorDash said the company conducts background checks on each Dasher. The spokesperson also said DoorDash takes the safety of its community and the conduct of its contractors extremely seriously.

“We have since taken appropriate actions, including deactivating the Dasher from our platform for failing to follow and maintain our standards of customer service,” the DoorDash spokesperson said.

The DoorDash spokesperson also said the company is cooperating with law enforcement and is in communication with the people whose bikes were stolen.

According to the tenant, the condo board is in the process of changing its bylaws to require tenants to meet food delivery personnel in the lobby.

“It took this major event for us all to really wake up and to become more in line with our convictions of wanting to keep the building as safe as possible,” the tenant said.

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