Chicago Bears Fail to Have Top Selling NFL Jersey in Illinois

The NFL has revealed its list of the top selling jerseys in each state, and Chicago Bears fans apparently aren’t looking for opportunities to represent their team.

That’s because the top selling jersey in Illinois belongs not to a member of the Bears, but rather to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. Brady, who just led the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl championship back in February, is an absolutely dominant force on the jersey scene, racking up the top-selling shirt in a league-high 18 states.

New Oakland Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch is close behind him, having the top-selling jersey in 14 states throughout the country.

With players like Jay Cutler retiring and Alshon Jeffery moving on via free agency, the Bears have yet to hit on a truly marketable player to sell jerseys. Running back Jordan Howard could be a good candidate for that position if he has another strong season in 2017, and rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky could turn some heads if he makes his way into the lineup this season.

In terms of NFC North territory, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is still the top dog in Wisconsin, and Matthew Stafford’s Detroit Lions jersey is still tops in Michigan. Meanwhile in Minnesota, Adrian Peterson leads even after he signed with the New Orleans Saints. 

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