These Were Illinois' Most Popular Baby Names of 2021

If you had a baby in Illinois in 2021 and named him or her Noah or Olivia, congratulations! And the join the club of many, many other parents in the state.

According to the Social Security Administration, those were the top two names given to male and females births in Illinois in 2021. More specifically, 648 male babies were named Noah in 2021, and 697 female babies were named Olivia.

At the bottom of the list is Austin and Rose. Those two landed in the 100th spot -- with 127 male babies named Austin, and 98 female babies named Rose.

Here's what other names made the top 10 in 2021 in Illinois (male names listed on the left, female names listed on the right):

  1. Noah, Olivia
  2. Liam Emma
  3. Oliver, Sophia
  4. Henry, Charlotte
  5. Benjamin, Amelia
  6. Alexander, Ava
  7. Theodore, Isabella
  8. William, Mia
  9. Mateo, Evelyn
  10. Logan, Camila

10 years ago, in 2012, these were the 10 most popular male and female baby names in Illinois:

  1. Jacob, Sophia
  2. Alexander, Olivia
  3. Noah, Isabella
  4. Michael, Emma
  5. Ethan, Ava
  6. Mason, Emily
  7. Liam, Mia
  8. Anthony, Abigail
  9. Jayden, Sofia
  10. Daniel, Elizabeth

The Social Security Administration's list goes back as far as 1960. For comparison, here were the top 10 most popular baby names in Illinois that year:

  1. Michael, Mary
  2. David, Susan
  3. John, Karen
  4. James, Linda
  5. Robert, Patricia
  6. Mark, Donna
  7. William, Debra
  8. Thomas, Lisa
  9. Richard, Cynthia
  10. Steven, Laura
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