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Suburban Family Moving to Texas For Son to Follow ‘Basketball Dreams'

Restrictions on recreational sports in Illinois begins Aug. 15.

A family from suburban Evanston is moving to Texas in wake of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker's decision to add new restrictions for recreational sports, including school-based sports.

Jaylon Gibson, the ninth ranked guard in the state of Illinois, says he's moving to Texas just in time for his senior year to follow his "basketball dreams."

Under new guidance released by Pritzker, each sport will be categorized into three "risk levels" - high, medium and low - determined by "the amount of contact between athletes and their proximity during play." Restrictions on recreational sports in Illinois begins Aug. 15.

"I feel like if we're able to give him the opportunity to go somewhere and play a full season, let's give him that opportunity," said Jaylin's father, Jetter Gibson.

Following the decision by Pritzker and the Illinois High School Association, many parents reached out to Indiana sports leagues to see if their children would have a chance to play.

Longsnapper Brett Kuczynski, of Westchester, announced on Twitter his plans to move to Florida due to Illinois delaying football until the spring.

Football in the state is considered high-risk and only non-contact practices are allowed.

Basketball is considered a medium-risk sport in Illinois, meaning non-contact practices and trainings as well as intra-team scrimmages are allowed. No competitive play is allowed.

"I think Illinois is doing what's needed," said Gibson's mother, Jamie Ranger. "I think we're just willing to take that chance with Jaylin."

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