10 Arrested in Student Brawl Near Proviso East High School

Students leaving Proviso East High School on their last day of school May 31 were involved in a fight that carried into the streets of Maywood for several hours, police said.

At least 10 students were arrested, including a girl allegedly using two chef’s knives after being beaten down by other students, and the fight required more than 40 officers from neighboring agencies including Oak Park, Forest Park, Westchester, Bellwood and Broadview, Maywood Police Chief Tim Curry said.

At times the group was 300 strong, Curry said, with people gathering to watch the disturbance.

According to the Cook County Sheriff's Office and Maywood Police, the fights occurred across the street from the school and traveled west.

Proviso Township High Schools, however, said in a statement that the fights occurred nearly a mile from Proviso East High School near the intersection of Ninth Avenue and Madison Street.

The district also said that witness accounts show that other adults and former students joined in the disturbance.

"Our school year ended without any incident, and we are very pleased to report that," the district said in a statement. "However, situations do happen in the community that involve our students, and while we are always concerned, it is not something over which we have any jurisdiction nor control."

Three students were taken to Loyola Medical Center with minor injuries, including one girl who was struck over the eye with a lock, Curry said.

The fights were recorded on students’ cell phones and posted to YouTube and Facebook.

Maywood Police reportedly said the fight tied up police for hours and is still under investigation.

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