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Stepped-Up Security Greets Last-Minute Shoppers at Oakbrook Center

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People headed to Oakbrook Center on Friday for some last-minute holiday shopping, just one day after a shooting left five people injured at the mall.

“This is kinda a crazy day for us right now trying to get as much shopping done as we can,” said Tom Wright.

Wright and his wife had plans to get everything done yesterday but couldn’t after the shooting led to a shutdown at the mall, with police searching for a suspect in the case until midnight.

“We’re just really shocked by what we saw happened yesterday,” he said. “More than anything surprised that it actually happened here.”

Investigators believe an argument led to a shootout between two men near the Ann Taylor store. One of them was shot and injured, while three women were also hit by gunfire.

A fifth individual suffered a fractured ankle while running from the scene.  

“Fortunately, everyone is in stable condition, even the offender who was shot four times,” said Oak Brook Police Sgt. Reid Foltyniewicz. “They’re all in stable condition. They’ll be released from the hospital soon.”

A third person wanted in connection to the incident remains at-large, according to police.

Meanwhile, shoppers returned to the mall on Christmas Eve to see a heavy police presence, with officers doing extra patrols as a precaution.

By and large, shoppers say they’re impressed by the police response from the night before.

“I think their presence alone send a message to our community and to the county this is something that they’re going to deal with seriously and that actually made me more confident coming here with my 13-year-old son to shop again the next evening,” said Scott Jonlich.

While the search continues for the third suspect, Jonlich said his heart goes out to the innocent victims and their families.

“Our prayers are with them and we hope they have a speedy recovery especially this time of year during Christmas we wish everybody a merry Christmas,” he said.

Investigators are following up on leads still trying to track down the third suspect in the shooting.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call the Oak Brook Police Department at (630) 368- 8746.

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