Pritzker Breaks Self-Funding Record in the Race for Illinois Governor

In recent days, J.B. Pritzker has added another $15 million to his campaign fund — a total of $161.5 million —a new record nationwide for candidates self-funding their campaigns. 

A previous record was held by Republican Meg Whitman who gave her campaign $144 million in an unsuccessful bid for California governor.

Incumbent Governor Bruce Rauner has given his campaign for re-election $71.5 million and since he first entered politics in 2013, he has donated a total of $95 million out of pocket.   

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In a statement emailed to NBC 5 on Sunday night, the Pritzker campaign says that almost $4 million of that money will go to other committees and campaigns, including $1 million to the Rock Island Democratic Party and $1 million to Kwame Raoul's campaign to replace Lisa Madigan as Attorney General. 

Another $700,000 will go to the state Democratic Party. 

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