Schaumburg Starbucks Debuts Booze on Menu

A bite-size menu and wine-and-beer selections begin at 4 p.m.

A Starbucks in Schaumburg is set to debut a new menu Friday afternoon featuring alcoholic beverages and evening nibbles.

Baristas-turned-bartenders will begin serving a bite-size menu and wine-and-beer selections starting at 4 p.m. at the Streets of Woodfield location, the first of five Chicago cafes to begin the new venture. 
Starbucks announced in January it would begin serving wine and beer at certain locations across the country, including Chicago. Cafes in Oregon, Washington and Idaho already feature the new menus, and four more Chicago-area stores are set to offer it by the end of 2012.
Along with wine and beer, the store also will offer a food menu with items such as savory snacks, small plates and hot flatbreads.
The idea is to accommodate people who go to the coffee shop in the afternoon and at night but don't want to drink coffee.
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