Police Release Images of Man Breaking Into North Side Homes

Police say there have three incidents in two weeks--in some cases--the victim woke up as the suspect broke in--armed with a gun on the city's North Side.

"In the middle of the night when people are sleeping in their homes," Lakeview resident Valeria Staublin said. "That is very scary. That's very scary."

Valerie Staublin can't recall a time an intruder-- armed with a gun--broke into her neighbor's home.

Monday night--she double checks her doors are locked--and cameras are working.

"I think we do have a false sense of safety sometimes," she said. "You can't ever have that, really."

Police have released images of the man who they say is breaking into homes between 3 and 4 a.m.

Since Oct. 16 -- police say he's hit homes throughout Lakeview and Lincoln Park on North Burling, North Kenmore and North Janssen.

They say he enters through doors and windows.

In two of the cases the victims woke up in the middle of the home invasion.

"They don't care. Maybe the guy is hungry," neighbor Peter Stukin said. "Maybe he's that brazen he's going to do it regardless of who's watching."

But residents hope now that the photos have been released-- someone will turn him in.

"We have to all be alert," Staublin said. "We really do."

In all three cases--the suspect got away on foot.

The residents were not injured.

One of the biggest tips from police: lock your doors and windows.

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