Teacher Sex Alleged at Chicago Charter School

Teacher Suspended, Not Yet Charged

Police say Friday they are investigating allegations of a teacher having sex with her male students at a Chicago charter school.

The troubling allegations first surfaced Thursday in a pair of reports made to Chicago Police.

Although details are not available, authorities say one report alleges a sexual assault by a teacher at Perspectives High School, while the other an indecent solicitation. Police say there could be as many as four underage victims.

"It is strange," said Katie Banks, a parent of a student at the school. "You know, I don't think that it would go on in this school. That's a very strict school there. It's a good school."

 A statement released Friday by the Perspectives Charter Schools says the company is cooperating with the police and Department of Children and Family Services investigations.

"It is our strong hope that these allegations are false," the statement says, "But we must err on the side of protecting the safety and well being of our students."

Parents today were surprised by the allegations, adding that they need proof before they will believe the worst about teachers at this school.

"I'd like to wait and see," said another parent, identifying herself as Cornelia. "A person is innocent until proven guilty."

While the investigation continues, Perspectives officials say, the teacher has been suspended and the families of its students are being notified.

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