‘We Will Continue to Fight': Parents, Students Protest CPS Consolidation With Sit-In

Parents, teachers and students ended a heated overnight sit-in Thursday protesting a proposed Chicago Public Schools consolidation, but they say their fight is far from over.

A witness said 40 parents occupying the Saucedo School on the city's West Side to protest CPS’ plan to consolidate John Spry Community School with Maria Saucedo Elementary Scholastic Academy and Telpochcalli Elementary School.

CPS says the move will save tens of thousands of dollars, but parents say it's not worth it.

"We want Forrest Claypool to come down to Saucedo School. We're demanding that they put a pause on this and say no to this co-location and we're demanding a community plan," a demonstrator said.

"I'm here tonight because it's unfair that CPS is constantly slashing our education and making us feel like we are the belittlement of Chicago," another demonstrator said. "It's time that CPS stops. It's over, we will continue to fight until they realize that we're going to win. Our education before everything else."

The proposal was announced in December. CPS CEO Forrest Claypool said in a statement at the time: “During the past few months, we have engaged LSCs, parents and principals throughout the city about how to best modify schools so that they align with the needs of families and communities.”

In response to the sit-in, a spokesperson for CPS released a statement Thursday morning, writing: "CPS appreciates the community's feedback on proposed school actions. We will carefully consider the supportive and concerned comments from the community." 

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