Oprah Lets Her Hair Down for Magazine

Oprah Winfrey shows off her natural hair in the September issue of O Magazine

From gentle swirls to frizzy curls, Oprah Winfrey is letting her hair run wild.

In the September issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, the always polished Chicago celeb stars in a cover photo with her “natural” hair exposed for the first time, according the Oprah’s website.

But Winfrey hasn’t always felt so connected to her do, and her struggling relationship with the buoyant curls almost made her cut it all off, the publication notes. But she was deterred from the idea by fellow celeb Bill Cosby.

In the edition of O Magazine dubbed as “The Makeover Issue," Oprah reminds fans that, despite her ever-changing appearance in O and on TV, “the only real transformation is through the mind.”

The September issue of O is set for release Aug. 7.

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