‘We Kept Our Cool': Firefighters Help Deliver Baby in Hawthorn Woods

Carolyn Dale had planned to deliver her baby at the hospital but never made it out of her home

Nine Firefighters aided in an unexpected delivery after paramedics received a call for a woman in labor on Saturday.

Carolyn Dale, of Hawthorn Woods, had planned to deliver her baby girl at Good Shepherd hospital but never made it out of her home.

“It was like I had my own cheering quad there…all guys…kind of not how I imagined,” she said.

Brian Blaauw was one of the nine Lake Zurich firefighters who was called to the rescue.

“Actually when we hit (the) front door…it was surreal. Kinda like being in a movie,” Blaauw said.

The Fire Department Shift Captain, David Borst, was also present.

“I was holding her hand and telling her to push when (it was) time to push,” he said.

Baby Skylar was greeted by the nine strangers who have now become family, Dale said.

Jeff Hall was another firefighter called to the scene.

“We train for it,” Hall said. “We kept our cool.”

Several firefighters said they went to visit Carolyn Dale, briefly in the hospital and said they are looking forward to the day baby Skylar comes by the station to meet them.

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