New App Launched by City Includes Feature That Helps Citizens Track Their Safety While Walking in Chicago

A new app launched by Chicago's Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) aims to provide urgent information to city residents typically found on multiple platforms, with an interactive public safety feature headlining the app's debut.

According to the agency, the "Chicago OEMC App" is designed to be a tool to keep residents prepared with necessary information regarding everything from special events and severe weather to interactive city maps and CPD beat and district information.

Perhaps the most notable feature of the app is the "CHI Safe Walk" feature, allowing app users the option to share their live location with a trusted contact when traveling alone in Chicago.

With the feature, the user can allow a trusted contact to virtually walk with them to their destination.

If an emergency occurs, the user can click a panic button that would advise the trusted contact of the user's location, with the user also being prompted to dial 911, according to the OEMC.

If no emergency occurs, the trip can be ended by the user upon arrival to their destination, with a notification being sent to the trusted contact that the user arrived safely.

The app is now available in both the Apple app store and the Google Play store, with both download links located here.

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