Navy Pier's Ferris Wheel Gets First Makeover

Navy Pier attraction expected to open again next month

The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel is getting its first-ever makeover.

Workers are giving the iconic wheel's 40 red gondolas a fresh coat of paint and refurbishing the insides with new speakers. They also plan to clean the main wheel. 

The gondolas are gone in the meantime, and the Navy Pier attraction is expected to open again next month.

The Ferris wheel plays a big role in the new Chicago-set movie, "Divergent," which opened Thursday night. Though it looks a weathered in Divergent's dystopian world, its new facelift should give the ride a bright, fresh look.

This marks the wheel's first full-scale makeover since it opened in 1995.

Navy Pier's wheel opened in 1995 and is modeled after the first Ferris wheel constructed for the 1893 World Columbian Exposition. It stands 150-feet tall and typically remains open year-round. One full rotation on the ride takes seven minutes.

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