Naperville Police Continue Search for Missing Teen Girl

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Naperville police are pulling out all the stops and using all necessary resources to locate 15-year-old Mallory Glass, who has not been seen since Sunday.

Glass was last seen around midnight Sunday in Naperville’s downtown area, according to police. She remains missing Wednesday, and police believe she is in the company of an unknown adult male.

“This is a runaway case, but it really doesn’t matter because any missing 15-year-old is a nightmare for their parent,” Naperville Police Cmdr. Tim Ogan said.

Glass and a friend were reported as runaways by their families on Sunday. Police have yet to provide details on how, but Glass’ friend was located Tuesday, and is now back home with her family.

“Any child out without parental consent (is a concern) because the world is a dangerous place,” Ogan said. “That’s why we’re out here to reunite missing children with their families, and that’s why we take it seriously and put resources behind it.”

Naperville residents have watched as the story has unfolded on social media, which has been used to rapidly disseminate information about the case.

“It’s definitely going around on social media, especially Instagram and Snapchat,” one resident said. “I republished it on my story because if it was me or my sister or my friend, I would be terrified.”

Police have not revealed whether an app or an online site may have been used in the case, but they are following every lead they can get.

Police in Naperville are asking for the public’s help in their search for 15-year-old Mallory Glass who has been missing since Sunday. NBC 5’s Chris Coffey reports.

“We have social media pages to get this information out,” Ogan said. “We encourage the public in this case because we need people to call in for anything they have.”

Glass was last seen wearing a black t-shirt, black pants and tennis shoes. Police are encouraging anyone with information to contact authorities immediately.

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