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Missing Crystal Lake Boy: 911 Call From Family Released

Audio of the 911 call the father of a missing Crystal Lake boy made when his son went missing was released by authorities Tuesday. 


"We have a missing child," the father told dispatchers as the call began. 

Audio of the 911 call the father of a missing Crystal Lake boy made when his son went missing was released by authorities Tuesday.

With the search for Andrew "AJ" Freund ongoing, and police centered on the boy's home in their investigation, the audio reveals the father told police he "woke up [Wednesday] morning" and his child was gone. 

Andrew Freund Sr. said he last saw his son around 9:30 p.m. "when he went to bed." 

When they woke up the next day, they said they canvassed the neighborhood, went to a local park, a gas station and called his school but no one had seen the boy. 

"I have no idea where he would be," he told the dispatcher. 

Read a log of the call below

Police have asked the public for any video surveillance from the area the day the boy went missing. 

"This would include video from home surveillance devices like the Ring Home Security System," police said in a release Tuesday. 

Authorities said they're looking for video taken between 7 a.m. on April 15 and 9 a.m. on April 18. Anyone who may have footage related to the investigation is asked to email 

In the days since AJ was reported missing, police have focused their search on the family’s Crystal Lake home, saying they do not believe the child was abducted.

They’ve also searched nearby Crystal Lake and on Monday— Lippold Park.

The Lippold Park search was expected to continue Tuesday after stormy weather halted efforts Monday night. They also plan to scan several ponds and smaller bodies of water in the area. 

The missing boy's father continues to stay at the family’s home.

Police say Andrew’s father met with investigators over the weekend and that the dialogue is ongoing.

"I have no control over what people think," Andrew Freund Sr. said. "I just want my son to come home, OK."

Police say Andrew's mother, Joann Cunningham, is not cooperating.

“When it became clear law enforcement was not conducting a missing child investigation, was not issuing an Amber Alert, had stopped searching for AJ, and considered her a suspect, we did advise her to stop all communications with law enforcement and she did so at our request," he said.

Both parents are expected to appear in court Tuesday for a hearing to regain custody of their younger son, who authorities took from them after AJ's disappearance.

Crystal Lake police tell NBC 5 that there are no suspects in the case.

They also say that police never stopped searching for Andrew and continue to work as hard as they can.

The child is about 3 feet, 5 inches tall, weighs roughly 70 pounds and has short, blonde hair. He was last seen wearing a blue Mario sweatshirt and black sweatpants.

Anyone who may have information on his whereabouts is being asked to call (815) 356-3620. They can also text information along with the word CLPDTIP to 847411. 

Here is what was said in the 911 call:

Father: We have a missing child. Woke up this morning and he wasn't, he wasn't-

Dispatcher: How old is the child?

Father: We have a missing child

Dispatcher: Yeah how old is he?

Father: He's 5

Dispatcher: What was he last seen wearing?

Father: A Mario, like blue long-sleeve sweatshirt and black sweatpants

Dispatcher: Is he a male white?

Father: Yes

Dispatcher: When was the last time you seen him?

Father: Uh last night, probably 9:30 when he went to bed.

Dispatcher: Are you the father?

Father: Yes

Dispatcher: Do you know where he might have went?

Father: No. We've canvassed the neighborhood, went to the local park, umm... the local gas station down here where we sometimes take him to buy treats. I spoke with the assistant principal over there at the school where the park is and they haven't seen him or any other child. I have no idea where he would be.

Dispatcher: So you put him to bed last night so he was in his pajamas and then when you went to get him for school he wasn't there and you looked around a bit?

Father: Yes

Dispatcher: What time was he supposed to be at school?

Father: ... I had a doctor's appointment this morning, when I got back from the doctor's appointment and I checked in on him to say good morning and he wasn't there so that would have been -

Dispatcher: What time was that?

Father: About between 8:15, 8:30

Dispatcher: Have you checked everywhere, like under tables?

Father: Closets, the basement, the garage, everywhere.

Dispatcher: What's the child's name?

Father: Andrew, last name Freund, we call him AJ

Dispatcher: Is his mom at the residence as well?

Father: Yes

Dispatcher: Do you have any pets at the house?

Father: Yes

Dispatcher: Are they missing as well or no?

Father: No

Dispatcher: Was any of the doors open?

Father: No, no outside doors or anything like that

Dispatcher: No doors or windows?

Father: No

Dispatcher: An officer's pulling up to you now

Father: Yeah I see him

Dispatcher: You checked the house right?

Father: Yeah, yeah we've been through the house completely.

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