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‘Nothing I Could Do': Man Who Saved 2 Recalls Fiery Carnage of Fatal Stevenson Crash

A survivor from a fiery fatal crash over the weekend is telling his heartbreaking story of how he saved two people but could not save a third friend trapped in the burning vehicle.

According to police, a white Infiniti sedan was traveling southbound on Interstate 55 near Damen when it struck the back of a Hyundai sedan driving as an Uber.

Antasacio Morales, a survivor of the crash, visited his friend Monday who will undergo surgery for serious burns.

Morales said he is thankful that she is alive, as he mourns another friend who died in the crash.

"It hurts--that memory (is) burned in my head," he said.

Morales keeps replaying the crash in his mind.

"Once we stopped spinning I regained consciousness, looked in mirror and I see fire starting from behind the car," he recalled.

Morales ran to the side of the road but quickly realized that his friends weren't doing the same.

"I kept yelling for everyone to get out of car, like what is everyone doing," he said. "I got no response."

With the fire getting worse by the second he rushed back to the burning car.

"When I get there, my friend Alex is on fire at that point," he said. "I pulled her out the passenger door where I had come from."

Morales pulled the Uber driver to safety next before going back for his friend Jamie Poulos who was pinned in the backseat.

"There was nothing I could have done for Jamie ... she was stuck," he said. "Completely stuck ... the only way to have saved her was if there was no fire."

Moments after Morales ran from the car it exploded in flames, he said.

Poulos, 23, died at the scene.

"I did keep looking back at the car because I'm in disbelief that I have friend who was burning alive basically," he said.

Morales says he is thankful for the two lives he saved but is still mourning the friend he lost.

His family has setup a fundraiser on Facebook to help the victims of the crash.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing.

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