Lincoln Park Zoo Announces Name of Baby Klipspringer

The young animal was born on March 30

Lincoln Park Zoo has announced the name of their new baby klipspringer.

The zoo asked the public to vote on a list of potential names earlier this month, and announced Thursday that voters selected the name Asha.

Asha was among five handpicked names for the baby dwarf antelope born on March 30, all of which were Swahili to represent the tiny species’ African origins.

Among the options were Nadra, meaning “special,” Zuri, meaning “pretty,” Amira, meaning “princess,” Asha, meaning “hope,” and Bahiya, meaning “beautiful.”

After 3,650 votes, the name with the most votes was Asha.

“It’s a fitting name, as every new arrival inspires hope for the zoo’s visitors and for the future of wildlife,” the zoo’s president, Kevin Bell, posted in a Facebook announcement.

Bell said the little klipspringer is “thriving” at the zoo, where caregivers continue to give her around-the-clock care because the baby’s mother didn’t offer proper care after birth.

“The midnight feedings are having their desired impact, as she continues to gain weight—and show an increased appetite for play,” Bell wrote.

Officials say the breed is so small they can even fit all four of their hooves on a Canadian dollar, approximately 36mm in diameter. The animal typically grows to reach an average of 24 pounds.

Bell said Asha has not yet made her debut in the Regenstein African Journey exhibit and will continue to live behind the scenes until caregivers feel she has grown enough to “tackle the cliffs” in the exhibit.

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