Kristin Cavallari Reveals How She Feels About Leaving Chicago

With Jay Cutler no longer playing for the Chicago Bears, Kristin Cavallari says her family's time in the city will soon come to an end. 

While Cavallari has previously claimed the city is "just not home" for her and said she dreams of moving to the Nashville area when her husband's career with the Bears was over, she revealed in an Instagram post Monday that she's "really gonna miss this place."

"Not only we're [sic] all 3 of my babies born here, it's where it all began with jay, it brought me closer to my mom who has become my best friend, I've made some amazing girlfriends, and I've really enjoyed being back here (a lot of people don't know I lived here when I was younger)," she wrote. 

Cavallari hasn't always expressed love for Chicago and fans critical of her quarterback husband. 

“I’d be lying if I didn’t say that, living in Chicago I feel like my career suffers a little bit just because I am completely out of the limelight,” she told Yahoo! Celebrity last summer. “But I would so much rather be with my family and essentially be a stay-at-home mom. It’s all worth it. I just try to just focus on that and just be thankful for everything that I have.”

The former reality star-turned-designer moved to the Windy City for Cutler after the pair married in 2013. Since then, the couple has had three children. 

Cutler was released by the Bears earlier this month and thanked the city "and its passionate fans for a memorable eight years."

It remains unclear where he will go next. 

"Thanks for all the good times, Chicago. This will always be a special place for us," Cavallari wrote. 

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