‘Bury the Hatchet': Kirk Concedes to Duckworth, Extends Billy Goat Beer Summit Invite

Sen. Mark Kirk made a short and seemingly upbeat concession speech Tuesday night after losing his seat to Rep. Tammy Duckworth.

Kirk announced to his crowd of supporters, who chanted his last name as he took the stage, that he had just called Duckworth to congratulate her.

“I invited her to join me at the Billy Goat Tavern, this coming beer summit will show kids across Illinois that opponents can peacefully bury the hatchet after a tough election,” he said. “And what unites us as Americans is much stronger than what divides us.”

Kirk reflected briefly on Illinois’ “very strong work ethic” and serving the state with the “best baseball team on the planet,” to raucous applause.

“Let’s celebrate living in the best country in the world,” he said to more chants of “Kirk,” while smiling, giving the thumbs up and shaking hands before leaving the stage.

Duckworth thanked Kirk in her victory speech later in the night.

“Sen. Kirk has served his country for over two decades and we are grateful for his service,” Duckworth said.

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