Kindergartener Forced To Crawl After Breaking His Leg: Suit

Teacher did not call ambulance for student with a broken leg, lawsuit claims

Parents of a 6-year-old boy filed a lawsuit Tuesday against a Skokie elementary school claiming his kindergarten teacher forced him to crawl after he broke his leg.

The lawsuit states Rahul Chandani fell on an icy playground at Devonshire Elementary School last year, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. He slipped on a pile of snow and suffered a broken leg along with hematoma to his head, the suit alleges.

The lawsuit claims the teacher did not call an ambulance, according to the Sun-Times. Instead she told him he had to walk back, and when she saw he couldn't, she told him to crawl.

Chandani crawled at least 200-300 feet back to the school building, according to the lawsuit. When his mother, Priya Chandani, arrived at the school, she said she saw him crawling and took him to the hospital.

Priya Chandani told the Sun-Times Rahul had a lump on his head the size of a tennis ball, and though he complained of dizziness while at the school, she said they did not assist him with the correct medical attention.

Chandani's parents are seeking $200,000 in damages.

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