2 Years Later, Model's Shooting Death Remains Unsolved

Two years after a young model was fatally shot in Chicago, her father hopes to honor her life as police continue to search for her killer.

Kaylyn Pryor was shot to death on Nov. 2, 2015, just weeks after being crowned the winner of a renowned national modeling contest.

The 19-year-old won Mario Tricoci’s 2015 "Mario, Make Me a Model" competition in late September and the possibilities for her seemed endless.

The Evanston teen had signed with a modeling agency and was going to school to become a paralegal, with dreams of being a lawyer.

"She was on her way," Pryor's father, Alan Scott said Tuesday, calling his daughter "seriously driven."

"I loved to see her achieve and accomplish things," he continued. "She just wanted to make everybody proud."

But her dreams came to an abrupt ending when she was shot to death while leaving her grandmother's house.

It happened in the 7300 block of South May Street in the city's Englewood neighborhood.

Her murder remains unsolved.

"It has been a two-year nightmare," Scott said. "I've been in shock for two years."

The anniversary of Pryor's death comes as her family also copes with the loss of her mother.

She died suddenly of a heart attack last year at the age of 48.

"It was stress. It was constant stress. Michelle, she just never got over it. Never could even get to the point where she could even grieve," Scott said.

He said he still wants justice for his daughter, but he also wants her name to mean something to others.

"I don't want her ever forgotten," Scott said. "That, I'm driven for, that's what drives me."

"She was very important to me and she would have been important to everybody," he continued, adding, "She had a lot to offer."

On Thursday, family, friends and community leaders planned to gather where Pryor was killed for a prayer vigil and to announce an increase in the reward for any information leading to an arrest.

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