Man Saves Jogger From Vicious Pit Bulls

62-year-old victim undergoes surgery

Police cited the owner of two pit bulls that attacked a jogger Monday morning, but no charges were filed in the case. The owner, who lives nearby, was cited for not having a license and not properly restraining the dogs.

Meanwhile, a Chicago man who helped saved the victim from the dogs is being called a hero.

Police say 62-year-old Joe Finley was jogging along Lake Michigan at Rainbow Beach Park around 6 a.m. when he was attacked.

Neighbors in the buildings along the trail heard the screams, including Stanley Lee, who grabbed a tire thumper -- sort of like a mini baseball bat -- and ran to the scene.

"I was shocked. I saw two dogs pulling at this man, so I just started beating them with my bat," Lee said. "I didn't give a thought to my safety, if they came after me I knew I could always get free."

Lee held the pit bulls at bay until police arrived and shot the dogs when they tried to attack.

Finley was taken to the Cook County Hospital Trauma Unit with bites on his arms, legs, face and other parts of his body, according to Police News Affairs. He underwent surgery and was listed in critical condition, although a source told NBC 5 ”he will make it.”

"I know if I weren't there, he probably wouldn't have made it. He was fading in and out," Lee said.

The dogs did not have tags on their collars, according to police.

Finley's brother heard about the attack on the NBC 5 6 p.m. newscast and managed to connect with him at the hospital. He said he would like to thank everyone involved in rescuing his brother.

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