Jeopardy: Local Guy's Been Training Since Childhood

LaGrange man to appear on game show tomorrow

Deloris Kohlstedt is celebrating her 92 birthday today. That's pretty remarkable. In fact, it may be more remarkable than the fact that her grandson is going to be on "Jeopardy" tomorrow.

Either way, she's likely to be sitting in front of her TV at 3:30 on Thursday to watch Matt Kohlstedt, 28, compete -- not with anwers, but with questions, as is the "Jeopardy" way.

In her column in today's Chicago Tribune, Mary Schmich referred to it as "an unfashionably unimportant, happy story. No criminals, no layoffs, not a word about Obama."

But, in fact, for fans of games, grandmothers and Alex Trebeck, it's a great story.

Matt Kohstedt, who's currently working on his Ph.D. at George Washington University, told Schmich that he was introduced to the game by his grandmother when he would go to her house most days after school.  They would play games until 3:30 p.m., when they would sit down in front of the television "for the tick-tock melody of 'Jeopardy!'  Matt was quick with the answers, and his grandmother often told him he'd be great on the show."

Apparently, grandma was right. We'll know for sure tomorrow.

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