Jean-Francois Berube Pays Tribute to Blackhawks Legend on New Mask

New Chicago Blackhawks goaltender Jean-Francois Berube unveiled his new mask on Sunday, and eagle-eyed fans will notice that it contains a tribute to one of the greatest players in team history.

Berube, who is expected to be the Blackhawks’ back-up goaltender after the departure of Scott Darling, posted a series of photos of the mask to his Twitter account, saying that he’s “excited to get this season started”:

The mask features the iconic Blackhawks Indian head logo and the “C” with tomahawks logo that appears on the team’s shoulders, but it also features the face of legendary Blackhawks goaltender Tony Esposito on its right-hand side.

Berube signed a two-year contract with the Blackhawks during the offseason. The 23-year-old will receive $750,000 a season after Darling was traded to the Carolina Hurricanes, where he later signed a lucrative contract extension.

The Blackhawks will report to training camp in mid-September, the team announced recently. 

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