Differences Discovered in 5th

Comparison yields variety of perspectives on issues

Is it really true that "On Most Major Issues, 12 Dems Agree To . . . Agree" when it comes to the race to replace Rahm Emanuel in Congress?

The mainstream media, which has largely ignored issues in the race, may think so, but the blogosphere begs to differ.

Progress Illinois, for example, takes the Sun-Times and Crain's to task for pushing just such a narrative.

"While it’s obvious that candidates vying for a primary win in this heavily-Democratic district are going to share some common values and positions, to claim there is a 'lack of ideological differences' between them is inaccurate and lazy," writes PI's Adam Doster.

The blog - which is transparent about its sold funding source, the Service Employees International Union, which has endorsed state Rep. Sara Feigenholtz - points to its own evaluation of the five candidates who have raised the most money. (Being a three-person operation, PI editor Josh Kalven explains to angry commenters, some threshhold of viability had to be applied.)

PI found a slew of policy differences on significant issues - from Social Security and health care to taxes, energy policy and the environment - "as gleaned from their Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, IVI-IPO, and ABC 7 candidate questionnaires, as well as their candidate websites, forum appearances, and voting records."

It's as good a guide as any - and if you haven't voted yet this morning, it's not too late to find the candidate for you. And please note: Republicans and Greens also hold primaries in the race today, so even more policy differences abound.

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