Prosecutor: Let's Make Immunity Deal Against Drew

Man said he helped remove blue barrel from Peterson home

A new twist in the disappearance of Bolingbrook mom Stacy Peterson emerged Friday.

A man who prosecutors think may have unknowingly helped dispose of Peterson's body is being offered immunity for testifying against her husband, The Herald News reported.

State's Attorney James Glasgow is offering the deal to Thomas Morphey, with some strings attached. Morphy has to stick to his original statement, and the deal would be off if it turns out Morphy played any part in killing Peterson, who has been missing for almost a year and a half.

Shortly after Peterson was reported missing, Morphey came forward saying he helped her husband remove a blue barrel that was warm to the touch out of the couple's home.  Upon learning of Stacy's disappearance, Morphey tried to kill himself, according to several published reports.

Stacy Peterson's husband, Drew, has been named as a suspect, but he has not been charged in connection with her disappearance. No body has ever been found, and police have not said they can even prove that she was killed.

Glasgow made the offer in October 2007, just days after Stacy disappeared, according to The Herald.

Drew Peterson seemed to think the immunity deal was absurd. The Herald quotes him as saying, "Un (expletive) believable," and laughing when he was told.

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