Illinois House Republican Resigns, Citing ‘Cyber Security Issues'

Illinois Rep. Ron Sandack, a close ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner, resigned Sunday, citing “cyber security issues.”

Illinois Rep. Ron Sandack, R-Downers Grove, a close ally of Gov. Bruce Rauner, resigned Sunday, citing “cyber security issues.”

Sandack, who has been a heavy user of Twitter and Facebook, said he was the victim of a hack after his social media accounts were taken offline last week.

“It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve the people of the 81st District for the past four years,” Sandack said in a statement released by Illinois House Republicans. “But after some cyber security issues arose, I began to reevaluate my continued public service.”

Sandack did not immediately return request for comment.

The former state representative said his obligations in Springfield were cutting into his home life and that he was “no longer willing to miss important family events.”

Sandack, who was campaigning for reelection against Democrat Greg Hose, also vowed to back his replacement in the race.

“I decided to resign my seat effective today,” Sandack said in the statement. “I will work with my Republican replacement to ensure that she or he is successfully elected to the seat in November.”

House Republican Leader Jim Durkin also issued a statement Sunday, informing fellow Republican leaders about Sandack’s departure.

“Ron Sandack is a dedicated and caring public servant,” Durkin said. “I want to thank him for his service to his constituents and the entire State of Illinois. I wish him well in future endeavors."

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