Hoverboard Explodes While Charging Inside Orland Park Home, Sparks Fire: Officials

Family members extinguished small fires on a window shade and couch by the time fire crews arrived

A Valentine's Day fire in southwest suburban Orland Park was sparked after a hoverboard exploded while charging inside a home. 

The new hoverboard was plugged into a family room outlet shortly before 5 p.m. at the home in the 17200 block of Deer Trail when it blew up.

"There were several explosions that shot burning pieces of the hoverboard across the room," Orland Park village spokesman Ray Hanania said in a release.

Family members extinguished flames on a window shade and part of couch by the time fire crews arrived. A woman was evaluated at the scene after she suffered a first-degree burn on her hand, but she declined further medical attention, Hanania said.

The family reported having trouble charging the battery Saturday and attempted re-charge it on Sunday. Shortly after, the family said the explosion happened. 

"My dad he tried to grab it, tried to take it outside but it kept exploding," said 13-year-old Shanna Abraham. "I was shaking. I could feel my heart pounding so fast. It was scary."

Last month, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission said it was investigating more than 40 reports of hoverboard fires in 20 states and had launched an investigation into a number of companies that make or sell hoverboards. Amazon has since offered a full refund for consumers who purchased a hoverboard from the retail giant. 

"There's been a problem identified. The [Underwriters Laboratories] is looking into it, the consumer product agency for the U.S. is looking into it, and they see there's definitely a known problem," said Orland Park Fire Department Lt. Bill Leddin. "They're telling consumers they shouldn't be using them."

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