Gunfire Strikes Luxury High-Rise Along Lake Shore Drive

Gunfire struck a luxury high-rise building along Lake Shore Drive this week, shattering a window and terrifying residents.   

Harbor Point is one of the buildings that make Chicago's world-famous skyline so distinctive. But early Wednesday morning, residents of that building awoke to a sadly familiar noise. 

“We were asleep, and all of the sudden we heard three loud pops that were obviously not thunder," said one resident who asked to remain anonymous. "It woke us up out of a dead sleep. We looked at each other and said, 'What the heck was that?'"

That resident wrote to tell NBC 5 about the 2:30 a.m. shooting, which occurred at the same building hit by several bullets two years ago this month. 

Wednesday's gunfire came from someone shooting at the buildings from either Lake Shore Drive, or along the lakefront, authorities said. Bullets hit a sixth floor unit of the high-rise, which is located at Harbor Drive and Randolph St. 

No one was injured, but a police report was filed and a note was sent out to residents from the property manager.

"It was scary! It went through the window. That could be anybody," the resident said. "If you've heard that sound before, you hear that echo. That's the scary part. You weren't dreaming, and that was real, and now what?"

In May 2014, several windows were damaged in another shooting, including some near a pool used by families and children.

The concerned resident was planning on moving anyway, and this sealed the deal. 

"I'll be kind of relieved to get away from such a busy road," he said. "If that's what happens, I don't want to be near it."  

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