Frustrations Continue for Travelers at Chicago Airports

Friday began as another day of frustration for Chicago travelers. 

After a night of storms, Midway International Airport was seeing massive backups both inside and outside the airport. 

Although when checking the boards, many flights were reporting to be departing on time with minimal cancellations, many Southwest Airlines passengers told NBC5 they had been waiting more than two hours. 

One traveler told NBC 5 he had been at the airport since 3 a.m., but still missed his 5:30 a.m. flight.

Some 450 Southwest Airlines flights were been canceled Thursday in the wake of a massive system outage that grounded hundreds of flights across the country. 

Southwest began having intermittent problems with several computer systems Wednesday afternoon. Airline CEO Gary Kelly said the main system failed, then the backup failed, then the restoration failed. 

It took about 12 hours to restore the system, which was up and running around 2 a.m. Thursday. Southwest officials said they have not yet identified the cause of the outage. 

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