School Cancels Field Trips, Athletics During NATO Summit

No events that require travel through NATO-affected areas on May 18 & 21, officials say

Officials at Chicago’s Francis Parker School in Lincoln Park on Monday announced extra precautions to be taken during the upcoming NATO Summit.

Even though the school is located miles from where rallies and marches are planned in Chicago’s Loop, the school has warned parents that travel times to and from school may be affected, and that they anticipate late arrivals will be the norm. 

Plus, the school says it wants to minimize "potential challenges that our faculty, staff and students encounter during school hours on both days."

"On May 18 and 21, we will not be permitting any field trips or athletic events to take place that require travel through downtown Chicago or into neighboring areas immediately effected by Summit security and activities,” Parker administrators said in a note sent to students’ homes Monday. 

They said if a genuine emergency broke out during the Summit, the school would activate its automated emergency messaging service to notify all parents.

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